1942 Harley-Davidson XA Parts Now Available

Another blog post means more 1942 XA parts have been added to our online inventory.

50060-42 NOS – Jiffy stand, leg. Is parkerized from the factory.  This original part survived the last 75 years without any damage or cosmetic changes. We are in the process of manufacturing reproduction jiffy stands that will also be parkerized.

42570-42 NOS – Spring, axle support cushion is same on left and right side of motorcycle. Factory uncompressed length is 6 7/16″ = 164mm. Springs sell by each.

42600-42 NOS – Lower covers, for cushion springs were removed from used motorcycles. Colour and condition vary.

54045-42 NOS – Side brackets. These factory parkerized 1942 Harley XA Side brackets are designed to connect bottom sides of the XA frame to the skid plate. We have limited number of these NOS brackets, but also come across used and will be offering perfect reproduction version shortly. Sold by each, two are needed per motorcycle. As you can see in picture from factory parts book, left and right sides are the same, as part number is also the same.

42535-42 NOS –  Axle support nuts. NOS and used for 1942 Harley XA are available right now.

42625-42 NOS – Support tubes. NOS and used support tubes are available. Two of these are required per motorcycle. Sold by each. Factory length is 12 9/16″ = 320mm. All of these were properly heat treated at the motor company as they need to withstand friction from the suspension bushings.

Additional photos are available in our online gallery under the header 1942 XA Parts.


Harley XA

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the age of original parts there may be surface scuffs, scratches, pitting, rust, staining or other inconsistencies on some of these vintage items and they are not the responsibility of the supplier. The quantities of posted items are limited and stock levels are subject to change. For availability and price contact us at this link https://milansmotorcycles.com/contact/