NEW PARTS POSTED – 1942 HD Military Motorcycle

After a brief break from the sudden death of my Dad and the unexpected surprise of our Granddaughter, we are back posting new items online. ¬†As always, we encourage you to contact us with your list of items needed to complete your project and we will see what we can do to assist you. You may not see it in the online inventory but that doesn’t mean it isn’t on a shelf in the basement, in the garage or out in the 50 ft storage trailer. We also have developed an extensive worldwide network of manufacturers, collectors and Harley-Davidson Military Motorcycle enthusiasts that just might have what you are looking for. ¬†Connect with us here

42595-42 Upper cover, cushion spring. Rear suspension Harley XA part # 42595-42. Upper covers are all original H-D. At this time we can offer NOS, good or slightly damaged used as you can see in the pictures.

66250-42 Strap, battery right hand. In the pictures you can see Harley NOS (black) Strap, battery right hand (green), our early reproduction version.

66251-42 Strap, battery, left hand. Older reproduction of the Military 1942 XA battery strap, left hand, painted olive drab, or black.
We will also be offering Thomas’s reproduction straps.

41771-42 Brake shoes, rear wheel. None of these break shoes are reproduction, all original Harley Military issue 1942 XA. We offer used shoes with and without linings. Also available factory assembled NOS. Sells by each, two required per motorcycle.

33221-42 Cover, transmission. NOS and used XA transmission covers are available now. Made out of cast aluminum, weighs 1Lb + 10.9oz, 763 grams.

We look forward to working with you!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the age of original parts there may be surface scuffs, scratches, pitting, rust, staining or other inconsistencies on some of these vintage items and they are not the responsibility of the supplier. The quantities of posted items are limited and stock levels are subject to change. For availability and prices, please contact us.