Harley-Davidson XA Parts added today

EXCITING NEWS…our online Harley-Davidson XA inventory has grown again.

Today we added the following parts.

23330-42 Repro – Spring, clutch. In the picture below you see NOS 1942 XA clutch spring. Please note that we do NOT have NOS springs available any more, but we will be manufacturing authentic, reproduction springs very soon. We do have some original used springs available. Stock spring length is 1.790″ that is 45.47mm.









3529-37 Used – Bolt, pinion gear. Camshaft pinion gear bolt for 42 Harley-Davidson XA. Notice, that forged markings on head of this bolt is as original, CP 1035.









23725-42 Used – Washer, pinion gear. Original, used Harley-Davidson XA washer pinion gear should not be substituted, as factory did heat treat these, so proper torque can be applied to keep pinion gear in place. Bolt and lock washer are not included.









42510-42 NOS & Used – Support, rear wheel axle. In the pictures, you can see one NOS and a couple of used original, rear wheel axle supports for Harley-Davidson XA. We have two versions of the NOS available. One, which was not completed from production line. It was finished without felt washers 42525-42 and retainers 42539-42 as they were never installed from the factory. The other is complete.

41065-42 NOS & Used – Spacer, hub bearing complete. Original rear wheel bearing spacers for Harley-Davidson XA model. We have both NOS and Used available right now.









69075-42 NOS – Bracket, horn. This 1942 Harley-Davidson XA horn bracket is NOS. Due to extremely low availability worldwide, we are preparing small reproduction version of this complete assembly. Some components will be manufactured in US and final assembly will be done in Canada.









PLEASE NOTE: Due to the age of original parts there may be surface scuffs, scratches, pitting, rust, staining or other inconsistencies on some of these vintage items and they are not the responsibility of the supplier. The quantities of posted items are limited and stock levels are subject to change. For availability and price contact us on this link https://milansmotorcycles.com/contact/