New Harley-XA Parts Added Today

A new week means new parts added into the online inventory.

40704-42 Drive spline, rear wheel. Original 1942 Harley XA drive splines are available in various used conditions or NOS.

34216-42 Cover only, gear shifter (foot lever).  NOS Harley XA. As you can see, casting number is 34215-42, but part # was changed to 34216-42. This is a part number what is listed in the spare parts list TM-10-1292 Issued February 1, 1941 (2) factory misprint, and if you look closer at 1941, front page, left bottom, there is stamp over the 1 changed to 2. In later version of TM-10-1292 Corrected to March 1, 1943, Spare Parts List, 34216-42 is no longer listed, and it was replaced with 34205-42 Cover gear shifter including bushing, seal and stud.

Every once in a while we come across errors or omissions in the parts catalogs. If you have questions or concerns don’t hesitate to give us a call. Milan is a wealth of information and really enjoys “talking shop”.

27025-42 Pipe, air intake. These two different reproduction makes of the Harley XA air intake are now in stock and available. Sold by each, two needed per a motorcycle.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the age of original parts there may be surface scuffs, scratches, pitting, rust, staining or other inconsistencies on some of these vintage items. The quantities of posted items are limited and stock levels are subject to change. For availability and price contact us

Remember, if you don’t see what you need here, we have an extensive list of parts in stock that have not yet been added online.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will see if we can help you out.