Vintage military motorcycle restoration brings people together

Restoration is an interesting process…









1942 XA Restoration










1942 XA restoration underway

During his most recent trip, Milan was outside Sherwood Park picking up the last bins of treasures and then headed South East to meet and sell parts to new friend, Tim. He eventually made his way to Wetaskiwin to finally meet Steve in person (photo1) and then connect with Bernie, who works for Historic Aviation under the Reynolds Heritage Preservation Society in connection with the Reynolds Museum.   This collaboration has led to many parts purchased from Milan’s Motorcycles, for their 1942 XA restoration project which will soon make it’s way to the Museum. All three fella’s have wonderful projects underway and we are honoured to play a small part in them. We hope to start loading photos of friend’s restoration projects in the online album soon so if you would like to share your photos send us a couple and we will load them.  Nice to have a face to the bike but if you’re shy, that’s ok too.

On the far left, is Bernie, (photo 2) a true craftsman in the industry and next to him is a dear friend we have known for many years. Pastor Glen Forsberg (photo 2) and his lovely wife Lois were with us during our darkest days, when we truly hit rock bottom. We can honestly say that we would not be where we are today had it not been for them. It is all connected and although it may not seem to have anything to do with motorcycles, it has everything to do with God’s grace, overcoming tremendous loss and the super natural restoration of a dream and a passion.  So YES, it is very much related to this whole “RESTORATION” process. It is all connected… just as we are all connected.

If you are in the Wetaskiwin area and looking for something to do this summer, here is a link to a special coupon for the Museum effective June 1, 2017-August 24, 2017 which includes a horse drawn carriage ride and more. Click on the picture below for yours. Details here