Vintage Easyriders Article Surfaces

Milan Podsednik – October 1987 Easyriders Magazine

Milan went to a Swap Meet in Regina, SK this past weekend.  A fellow from Manitoba approached him and addressed Milan as “the guy” from that Easyriders magazine article from 1987.  Well, yes that was Milan.  Just these few days later and the man from the meet was nice enough to send us the article. We thought you would enjoy having a look at him, at the young age of 26 with his vintage 1942 WLC 45″.  I would say the writer took a lot of liberty in preparing this article as I have never known Milan to use some of these terminologies written but then again he hadn’t been in Canada long and I would imagine had a difficult time communicating his story to her. I do think the timing of all of this is rather interesting and a powerful reminder of how life can come full circle sometimes.  It’s not always in the way we expect and is rarely in the time frame we hope but it is extremely encouraging to know that things have a way of working themselves out. When all seems lost, we can be on the verge of a whole new beginning!