Harley-XA Inventory Added Today

The pistons are up, the pistons are up… the pistons are up.


Check out the link above for all the new parts added to inventory today.

Harley-XA Part#’s 22005-42, 22009-42 & 22011-42. Pistons with rings, pins and clips. These high quality kits are .020″ OS, .040″ OS and .060″ OS. They were made as a special order for the 1942 HarleyXA model. Casting of piston, precise machining and piston pin were made in Europe. American made Hastings piston rings were used. The Motor Company still uses Hastings as a piston ring supplier on some of their models today. Spiral piston pin clips are also included in this kit. Some of these piston sets were put in to service about 20 years ago.

Please note: the quantities are limited and stock levels are subject to change. 

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